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Our Impact


Simphiwe M. – 10 years old

Simphiwe has been on ARV’s for 18 months. Her health has always been frail. In August 2010 she suffered a right stroke and was transported by CHIPS in a critical condition to Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki. She was in a coma for two weeks and spent an additional six weeks slowly recovering. She is now able to walk and talk but it has left her with some deficits in learning and mobility.

CHIPS sustains Simphiwe through providing transport to the hospital for her ART Refills and doctors’ visits to GSH. She has recently had a hearing screen because it was noted she was very hard of hearing; perhaps due to ART.

The long term future for her is uncertain as she is unable to attend government primary school: it is a long distance to walk and she tires easily, she has fallen far behind the other children of her age. Her hearing problems also make it difficult to attend school. Her family are looking into the possibility of placing her in a special residential school here in Swaziland.

CHIPS makes regular visits to the homestead to encourage the family to continue the physiotherapy and to assess any new problems while offering encouragement and praying with them.

There are nine other children living at the homestead. The father works as a casual labourer for the sugar corporation.



Vusile D. – 4 years old


Vusile has mental and physical challenges. He is unable to walk and stand unaided and since the age of 3 months has a right shoulder dislocation. He receives poor stimulation in his home situation but he does respond to when he is spoken to and recognizes people. He has some speech can say good bye etc.

CHIPS sustains Vusile by providing transport to the local government clinic in Vuvulane for his ART Refills. When his physical condition deteriorates due to neglect and malnutrition he is taken by CHIPS transport to GSH for either out-patient care or admission to the hospital. CHIPS pays his inpatient and outpatient bills.

The homestead is an unstable environment. Vusile’s father is also a CHIPS client on ART. He is about 75 years old. The long term future for Vusile is uncertain. Options of placement in a children’s home have not been possible. CHIPS staff visits the homestead on a regular basis to monitor Vusile’s condition and offer any support including bathing him and playing with him to provide stimulation. CHIPS staff meets regularly with his father to assess any new needs and concerns.


Shandu S. – 55 years old


Shandu had hip surgery 18 months ago and has limited mobility. He has been in the CHIPS program since 2009. CHIPS staff makes frequent visits to his homestead just to check that he has food, wood, water, to share prayer and the Word of God with him.

CHIPS provides transport for him to obtain his ART Refills from the government clinic in Vuvulane. He is unable to work, read or write so he relies on the CHIPS staff to inform him of his next clinic visits and to supply batteries for his alarm clock so he knows when it is time to take his medication.