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2019 Rear View Mirror

Medical outreach from our clinic

Happy New Year for 2020! As we kick start the New Year we felt it was important to give you a glimpse of all that happened at Kudvumisa in 2019. It has been a tremendous year.
February – a medical-dental team did clinics in the Shiselweni Region of the country as well as at our Maphiveni clinic.
March -Teresa spoke to a women’s group here in Malkerns, eSwatini about Kudvumisa and all its projects with the crawfish project being the highlight. Out of the meeting, one lady donated a freezer so that we can sell crawfish out of our shop in Ezulwini.
May- Teresa finished up her work at Swaziland Breast & Cervical Cancer Network as she handed her responsibilities over to a new Board.  Daran and Teresa went to the US for fund raising and for their youngest daughter’s wedding.  They visited Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Colorado and Montreal for meetings at homes, churches, and anywhere they were invited.
June – Covenant Love Church (NC) team painted rooms in the Guest House and did community ministry, Days for Girls (DfG) distribution, and home visits.
July- a ministry team (NC) worked in the Shiselwini and (our) Lubombo region. Baton Rouge friends visited to see Kudvumisa’s projects and helped prepare crawfish dishes for the Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival where Kudvumisa were exhibiting.
August – First Baptist Church Durango (CO) taught bible and science at Vuvulane Primary School which culminated in having the kids build and launch their own model rockets!  They also did training with Kudvumisa staff on dealing with trauma.  Healing Place Church (LA) team did women’s, children’s and men’s ministry in addition to staff training and community home visits. A nurse on their team did medical visits with our outreach team.  Covenant Medicine Outreach (CMO) did medical clinics in the communities, medical training with our staff, and ministry/home visits in the communities.
October – Curiosity Project team came for community medical clinics and staff training *Helping Babies Breathe”.  Also they sorted out inventory at the clinic and did home visits.  Calvary Longmont (CO) team tiled the majority of the Guest House. They also did DfG distribution, children’s and women’s ministry as well as train six local young men to tile.  Grace Community Bible Church (FL) did community medical clinics and home visits/ministry, helped with tiling, did children’s ministry in conjunction with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and did staff training on trauma healing.

Beautiful tiles laid and grouting!

December  – Kudvumisa Staff and sewing ladies Christmas parties 🙂 . And a farewell to Joyleen our Zimbabwean nurse: we will miss her 🙁 !
It was a very good, fun, busy, but productive year for Kudvumisa Foundation.  We had a number of short-term volunteers during the year and many other groups came to see our projects, show their support, and also pray for us. We appreciate you all and the encouragement that you gave!

If you would want to get involved in any one of our projects please feel free to get in touch with us via email (teresa@kudvumisaglass.com) or WhatsApp us on +26876025990.

Looking Forward into 2020

Kudvumisa Foundation is the implementing partner for a Rotary global grant (with Pottsville PA Rotary Club) to provide potable water to the community of Maphiveni. Hopefully drilling of the well will happen early February.  PRAY THEY HIT WATER WITH SIGNIFICANT VOLUME. Access to clean water will make a huge difference to the women, children and men of this community with improved health!

There are already several teams lined up for outreach in 2020.  Taking part in a medical outreach or ministry opportunity can change your life and can certainly impact those you meet here. 

Schedule so far:

May 28 – June 10 Curiosity Project Medical and staff straining

June 30 – July 11 Covenant Love Church Fayetteville NC Construction and ministry

August 21-30 Covenant Medicine Outreach Medical and staff training


Sustainability for the mobile health care outreach and the clinic will depend on a local sustainable income stream.  The Guest House (construction 60% complete and still requiring about $95k) is one of the sources of income we are trying to develop. Plans for commercial construction on the site now looks hopeful.  This will be the main anchor as far as sustainability.  Hopefully we’ll have a big announcement about that soon.

Until these projects are completed, to maintain the existing mobile outreach we are appealing to anyone who is able to commit to a one-year term of monthly giving of whatever amount you are able. We have several staff whose salaries are covered by church groups and organizations.  Our staff salaries range from $200 to $1000/month.

Capital Projects
Economic Development Clean Room $        15,744
Guest House Construction Completion $        94,286
Guest House Furnishing $        55,052
Local Artist Painting Clinic Interior $          2,400
Staff Housing $     294,643
 $      462,125
clinic operation (annual cost) $        99,643
mobile outreach operation (annual cost) $        87,686
 $     187,329
Day after day, our staff work extremely hard to provide compassionate and quality services in isolated parts of northeastern Lubombo in Eswatini. Sadly, our staff are underpaid, though not underappreciated. We desperately need the funds to pay their salaries and hire additional nurses, approximately $1,000 USD /month.

All medical outreach is 100 percent funded by your generosity. You can help provide salaries for Kudvumisa’s incredible staff. Please consider making a donation.
Make a Donation
Prayer Requests
God is sovereign.  We plan the best we can, we do what we know to do from the collective wisdom of those we partner with. But God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours!  Please pray with us for supernatural wisdom: to be led by Holy Spirit inspired ideas and solutions. To be fully the creative creatures God created us as.

Housing for Staff on the Property
Staff housing continues to be a major headache for our staff. We are investigating the costs and development options for staff housing on the property. Pray for wisdom, financing and a way forward that addresses all the site issues. Thank You!

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