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Bringing Life to the marginalized, isolated and impoverished!

  • Papa was not able to walk after having a stroke that paralyzed half his body. He was not able to do anything on his own and his family was not able to get him to the hospital for proper care to make him strong again. With the help of Kudvumisa providing weekly transport to the hospital located an hour away he can now walk on his own.
  • Mdvuba is paralyzed. His relatives and neighbors struggle to care for his needs, and with no source of income he often can go days with little food. CHIPS provided him with 3 months of staple food so with the help of his neighbors helping him cook each day he now ends each day with a full stomach.
  • Sipho was poorly clothed, coughing for months, and was getting sicker by the week but had no money to go to the clinic. Not knowing what to do he stumbled upon the CHIPS clinic. The CHIPS team provided HIV testing; discovering he is HIV+. Concerned he had tuberculosis as well they provided transport to the nearest hospital with a fresh set of clothes for him to wear. Sipho was started on TB treatment at the hospital and soon will start treatment for HIV.
  • Mphuko was involved in an accident 2 years ago which left him completely immobile. He was seen every so often by a home-based care team to care for his bed sores and other wounds. He had no money or resources for gauze, gloves, hygiene products or medicine. CHIPS intervened and now provides wound supplies, transport to the hospital for his HIV medicine and hygiene supplies.
  • Joyce didn’t know she was living with cancer until CHIPS held a cervical cancer screening campaign. CHIPS pays for lab processing, provides transport to different clinics and hospitals for surgery and chemo therapy, and helped with registration into the government system so she can access the limited medical care available here.

CHIPS, the Community Health Intervention Programme of Kudvumisa Foundation, has been able to help the most vulnerable in this isolated and marginalized area in eSwatini (Swaziland is now eSwatini!).  Your prayers and support make this possible. Partner with us to bring Life to eSwatini.

Good News:

  • We reached our goal for the dental matching grant!  But there are still shortfalls for equipment (compressor & sterilizer) and finishings  Please help us fill the gaps! Work has already begun!
  • the main clinic renovation under the Rotary grant is winding down. Finishing touches are being done now!
  • Project CURE will be onsite in September to begin the process of developing a facility equipment list: then filling a shipping container to send over.

Sustainability of the mobile health outreach and the health clinic has always been our goal.

  • the renovation of the Guest House has slowed as we raise funds to complete the construction. The Guest House will provide a place for visiting teams to stay and income to the health projects.
  • we are working on the commercial development on the property, securing letters of intent from key leaseholders/anchor tenants as we work towards a business plan that is viable that can be be presented with the hope of securing financing for the project. The commercial development will provide local employment and a long term sustainable source of income to fund the clinic and mobile outreach.

You can help play a part in this project:  please consider donating to Kudvumisa Foundation.  A US 501c3, your donations are tax deductible and stewarded with the greatest of care.It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving health care has changed their lives! We and they, appreciate all your support and prayers.

Please consider a tax deductible onetime or recurring gift to help Kudvumisa Foundation reach the marginalized, isolated and impoverished with Hope and Life!
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