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Clinic Construction Begins!

New entrance way to the clinic!

New entrance way to the clinic!

Site establishment, first stages demolition, new construction! The new clinic is beginning to take shape.  Completion is slated for the end of June. The clinic will expand the services available in this area with compassionate quality care! We’ve already begun some of this care with the cervical cancer screening.
There are still many areas in the complex that are not yet funded:  the public toilet block, the dental clinic, the Guest House, the eye center, and water for the site. If there are specific areas God calls you to help in, let us know and we can share more details. Please join us in praying for the continued development of the site so it can fulfill its purpose in providing quality compassionate holistic care. Borrowing this: doing Good deeds, generates Good will, which opens the door for sharing the Good news!

Back in the States in May!

Daran & Teresa will be in the US in May.  We would welcome the opportunity to share the vision God has given us for this part of Swaziland and the how He has provided everything we have needed at every step of the way.  Please use the contact form to contact us if there would be an opportunity to share: anywhere to any size group!
It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving health care has changed their lives! We and they, appreciate all your support and prayers.

It also bears repeating that there are still thousands who need help to get out of poverty, meet their Savior, access life saving health care.

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