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Combating Malnutrition

Maria is from Shewula, a remote and isolated mountainous area in the far eastern side of the Lubombo Region of Eswatini. Widowed, she is one of our CHIPS patients on treatment for a chronic condition. Kudvumisa Foundation staff visited her at her homestead and found her seated outside of her dilapidated stick and mud one room house. She shares this house with her 8 children and 6 grandchildren. In tears, she stares at her wilting maize cornfield. It has not rained for months; drought has already taken hold in this region. One wonders how she is going to be able to take her medications on an empty stomach or feed the rest of her family if the maize crops fail. Maria and her oldest daughter make a living by sewing grass mats. This is not near enough to feed the family.
Kudvumisa nurses found one of her 9 month old granddaughters grossly malnourished and failing to thrive. This twin baby is epileptic with repeating respiratory illnesses and has spent most days of her life in the hospital. Due to the mother’s health condition, the baby has to feed on formula milk. The mother struggles to buy the formula. Without urgent intervention, this baby’s health would continue to deteriorate.
Because of the generosity of donors, Kudvumisa Foundation is able to buy formula for the infant to boost her nutrition and see her flourish like other babies. Real stories, real concerns that are lived out in many many different communities and families everyday. The medical outreach and economic development projects of Kudvumisa impact real people’s lives in significant and meaningful ways.

As the Christmas holiday season approaches…..
Play a part
Make a difference

Please help a mother and her children access health care from the depths of poverty
Please help provide access to care and treatment for all those unable to access care for a myriad of ailments

Play a part, make a difference; give generously to Kudvumisa Foundation. If 50 people give $20 a month this will support one nurses salary so that Kudvumisa can continue to bring this life saving care to the people in the communities that we reach. A US 501c3, your donations are tax deductible and stewarded with the greatest of care.

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