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Emergency Healthcare

Even as preparations continue to formally open the Kudvumisa Clinic, the nurses are encountering advanced medical conditions that require emergency care. Recently, as we were winding up a Monday morning staff meeting, a lady burst in, crying hysterically for help.

She was carrying a motionless baby in her arms.

She thought the baby was dead. The nurses ran from the room guiding the lady and baby back to the nurses room. On assessment, the nurses concluded that the baby had had a seizure resulting from a high fever. After the mother had calmed down, she expressed the reason for her agony: the baby belonged to her partner’s girlfriend who was admitted at a distant regional hospital.

Febrile seizures or fits are common among children and associated with a high body temperature and possible infection. Given the increase in climate conditions, we also anticipate an increase in illnesses associated with high body temperatures such as fits, heat stroke, heat rash and more. Hence the need for the clinic in this area.  (This story was contributed by Lomanono Ngidie, a Kudvumisa Nurse)

Kudvumisa nurses are the most compassionate caring nurses that I know! I was so amazed and proud at the reaction of our nurses as this incident unfolded in front of me! These girls love the Lord and love people well! They not only cared for the physical needs of the baby but they cared for the emotional and spiritual needs of the woman!
Please help us with your donations to continue this extremely important project. We need assistance with the salaries of the three nurses that we have on staff. Jessie our Nurse Coordinator who is a missionary leads them so well! Teresa Rehmeyer, Medical Director

The medical outreach and economic development projects of Kudvumisa impact real people’s lives in significant and meaningful ways.

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It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving health care and livelihood projects have changed their lives! They (and we) appreciate all your support and prayers.

Please consider a tax deductible recurring gift to help Kudvumisa Foundation reach the marginalized, isolated and impoverished with Hope and Life!

We will be in the States May-June. We would love to share what God has accomplished through the help and sacrifice of so many.  Please let us know if you have a group or a church or just neighbors and friends that we can come speak to about the work that God has given us in Eswatini (Swaziland)! Email Teresa for details/scheduling.

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