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Equipping & Staffing Kudvumisa Clinic

People are already lining up to access the newly completed main clinic. Word spreads quickly here in Maphiveni.
The equipment assessment by Project CURE is complete and we’ve received the shipping manifest.  The supplies will be coming out of their warehouse in Phoenix.  We are shy $3,018.31 to be able to ship the container at this point. If you are able to help with this, visit Project CURE‘s donor portal for this project. Project CURE is also a 501(c)3.

The success of our health outreach has always depended on finding and keeping both qualified and compassionate staff who epitomize what Kudvumisa stands for.  Once you find jewels, you want to keep them.  Providing competitive and even generous salaries is a key way of doing this.  We believe we’ve found jewels in our current nurses.  Joyleen, Tema and Nono are excellent nurses who have a heart for the people they serve.  With the clinic coming on line, we will have need of additional nursing staff.  Please consider adopting one or more of their salaries.  $1000 USD per month will fully cover one nurse’s salary.
You can help play a part in this project:  please consider donating to Kudvumisa Foundation.  A US 501c3, your donations are tax deductible and stewarded with the greatest of care.

It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving health care has changed their lives! We and they, appreciate all your support and prayers.

Please consider a tax deductible onetime or recurring gift to help Kudvumisa Foundation reach the marginalized, isolated and impoverished with Hope and Life!

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