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Kudvumisa Clinic Construction is Complete!

Kudvumisa Clinic:  People are already lining up to access the newly completed main clinic. Word spreads quickly here in Maphiveni. 

But we are not open yet!  We are waiting on the equipment, furnishings and supplies to make it functional.  Project CURE was on site this past weekend to do a facility assessment to see what supplies, furnishings and equipment they can supply. Looking forward, we included everything for the planned maternity ward and the dental clinic currently under construction.
We hope the main clinic can be be outfitted and operational before the end of the year.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make all this possible: many many individuals, Rotary clubs and churches.  A special thank you to Cheri McDaniel, a very special lady from Baton Rouge whose tenacity and generosity went a long way in making all of this possible.

Kudvumisa Dental Clinic: Construction continues on the dental clinic.  We are hoping this work will be completed by the end of the year.

CHIPS, the mobile Community Health Intervention Programme of Kudvumisa Foundation, has been able to help the most vulnerable in this isolated and marginalized area in eSwatini.  Your prayers and support make this possible. Partner with us to bring Life to eSwatini.
Sustainability of the mobile health outreach and the health clinic has always been our goal.

  • the Guest House will provide a place for visiting teams to stay and income to the health projects. We are working on pricing to complete.
  • we are still working on commercial development on the property, securing letters of intent from key leaseholders/anchor tenants as we work towards a business plan that is viable that can be be presented with the hope of securing financing for the project. The commercial development will provide local employment and a long term sustainable source of income to fund the clinic and mobile outreach.

You can help play a part in this project:  please consider donating to Kudvumisa Foundation.  A US 501c3, your donations are tax deductible and stewarded with the greatest of care.It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving health care has changed their lives! We and they, appreciate all your support and prayers.

Please consider a tax deductible onetime or recurring gift to help Kudvumisa Foundation reach the marginalized, isolated and impoverished with Hope and Life!
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Kudvumisa Clinic is complete!!!  The keys were handed over last week.  Teresa gives the tour….

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