Marula Oil


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150ml Marula Facial Oil

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Product Description

150 ml – Omega Rich Facial Oil

This newcomer to the world of oils is gaining serious momentum. Prized by African women for eons, Marula oil comes from the fruit of the Marula tree and is prized for its anti-aging powers: it has higher levels of antioxidants and omega fatty acids than its more well-known competitors.


Marula fruit are harvested in rural Swaziland and the nuts hand pressed to make this fine oil.

Its benefits are two-fold: first, it protects your skin against the damaging free radicals that accelerate aging. Next, it visibly reduces the look of existing wrinkles, from pesky crow’s feet to the parentheses marks framing your lips.

How it Works

For those in search of instant gratification, Marula delivers. This light golden oil sinks in right away to give your skin the supple radiance you’ve been craving. Over the long term, it will firm skin and boost elasticity. Marula oil also has a host of natural healing properties, from soothing redness to fading scars. Finally, it’s great for all skin types (even the most oily) since it helps regulate your skin’s natural moisture levels.

How to Use

Morning and night, massage two or three drops of oil into your face, neck, and décolleté. You can use it as a stand-alone moisturizer or layer it under a facial lotion.

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