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What will Kudvumisa Foundation look like ten years from now?
A sustainable business model is one of our highest priorities
Providing both mobile and clinic based healthcare is expensive.  However, it is still critical for thousands who can not access even the most basic form of care. So how can we maintain and even expand this in an environment where grant funding is decreasing and ultimately will stop altogether? Sustainable Income Sources!

Onsite Guest House –
providing accommodation for vising teams, volunteers and the public.  The income from the guest house will supplement operating costs of Kudvumisa’s community outreaches. We’ve already received a generous donation of $20000 which is going towards completing major interior and exterior renovations.

Site Commercial Development –  onsite development for a grocery and hardware store and gas station as the anchor tenants. This is being funded in its entirety outside Kudvumisa. Lease income from these businesses will provide the bulk of the monthly operating expenses.
Tiered Healthcare – free or essentially free healthcare will continue to be available for the impoverished communities we serve. However, we foresee a growing number of people accessing the clinic (general and dental) who are not “impoverished”. The clinics will have an immediate reputation for excellence, compassionate and quality. This will draw many people who will never got to government clinics but also can’t afford care at the private clinics. This group will be expected to pay for services. This will also be an additional income stream to the clinic operating budget.

Please help us move towards sustainability.  Contribute to the Guest House renovation. The initial $20000 was given in the hope it would motivate others to join the effort to complete the house.

The medical outreach and economic development projects of Kudvumisa impact real people’s lives

Play a part
Make a difference Partner with us to bring Life & Hope
    A US 501c3, your donations are tax deductible and stewarded with the greatest of care.

It can’t be repeated too many times: “Thank You” from the thousands of people who will never be able to tell you themselves, how access to life saving healthcare and livelihood projects have changed their lives! They appreciate all your support and prayers.

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