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The Coronavirus Split

Teresa was scheduled to go back to the States in February on the invitation of Cheri McDaniel in Baton Rouge. Cheri, a major donor to Kudvumisa Foundation, invited Teresa for a book dedication of Cheri’s most recently published book “Descending toward Darkness: Illuminated by Faith”. She was able to spend time in Louisiana, North Carolina and Maryland before the window closed to return to Eswatini.

South Africa and Eswatini both closed their borders to anyone coming from “high risk” countries (or even carrying their passports). So Teresa finds herself stuck in Baltimore. The silver lining is she gets to stay with our oldest and youngest daughters there.
So Daran chose to stay in Eswatini and is now “stuck” there anyway. Daran felt it necessary to stay with and be available for the people that we work with so that they can continue to bring care to the communities that we work in. Our second daughter Danielle, is here as well with him. She continues working at Healing Place Church Eswatini. Though things have changed dramatically here as all gatherings over 20 people have been banned. So churches here are going online as well. Daran will continue to oversee the medical outreach and economic development projects while trying to keep some sort of “social distancing”.
So Daran and Teresa will spend (an indeterminate amount of) time, split between the US and Eswatini.
Sarah, an American volunteer here for several years now, was able to fly out from Eswatini after being blocked at the border in transit to the airport, before the last Delta flight to the US. Jessie, our volunteer nurse manager has also chosen to stay on here. She’ll be self-isolating as best she can as well.
Jessie will continue to oversee and manage the health care outreach of Kudvumisa: balancing our outreach services and community access to care with the safety of our staff out in the communities. We will all try to work remotely as much as possible.

The coronavirus has not had a significant health impact here in Eswatini yet. It is only beginning to have a social impact as the country moves to protect itself. Eswatini is one of the many developing countries who have an extremely ill prepared (and under prioritized) health care system. Add poverty and isolation and many communities cannot even access the minimal care which is available. This is precisely why Kudvumisa Foundation has strived for the past decade to provide access to care in these communities. We will continue as best we are able.
The government hospitals do not having access to critical protective supplies for the government nurses to provide care or protect themselves. We are doing our best to make sure our nurses have protective equipment to keep them safe while they continue to work in the communities.
The country is on “lockdown” starting Friday. We need your prayers

Project Updates

Water Well

The water well, funded by Rotary, was a success. We hit enough water to be able to supply the community tap, the clinic, the guest house and hopefully the commercial development. We continue the well completion and putting in the infrastructure for the community tap. We are also beginning to look for partners who can provide the water, hygiene and sanitation community training part of the Rotary grant.

Rotary Club of Mbabane Dental/Medical Outreach

The RC Mbabane filled every room in the clinic upstairs and downstairs with medical and dental practitioners from the Ministry of Health, private practitioners, and other organizations providing specialized services. The tent outside was full every day. Hundreds of children were taught oral hygiene and screened for dental issues in the surrounding primary and high schools. They were transported to our dental clinic where the services were provided. Services to adults from the communities were provided as well (with several of our staff receiving dental care).
Kudvumisa Foundation Services
• 78 tested for HIV, 2 positives found and both initiated by our nurses on ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy)
• 7 linked to Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC services provide in the clinic by JHPiego)
• 60 women screened for cervical cancer
JHPiego VMMC Services
• 53 circumcised
Rotary & Ministry of Health (MoH) Services
• 962 patients Registered
• 433 Received Dental Treatment
• 748 Treated for various medical conditions
• 102 received ENT consultation and treatment
• 48 underwent Physiotherapy


Guest House

First steps in installing the ceiling!

We received several significant donations towards the guest house and work has begun again to move this project forward. We were to have a visiting team this summer to help work on the guest house. That trip is on hold for now. Previous teams have contributed significantly to finishing the work and reducing the overall cost. So any additional help now to fully complete the project would be extremely helpful.

Commercial Development

We are still trying to come up with a suitable funding model for the commercial center development. The bank was originally comfortable with a 75%/25% loan equity model. We were able to propose an 80%/20% plan, but they were still not happy. They are now asking for 70%/30%. Please pray for wisdom for us and a way to move forward. This is what we see as the most critical component of our sustainability plan.

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Split

  1. Kay says:

    God bless you ALL in your ongoing dedication to the people of eSwatini and all your amazing sacrificial efforts on their behalf. So many literally owe their lives to you. Praying daily for you all.

  2. Rudy says:

    God, bless the Swazis. Also, please bless the Rehmeyers. They are your instruments in Eswatini. Nkhosi sikeleli i’Africa.

  3. Olive says:

    Thank you for your dedication to the Lord and the people you serve. Praying for your safety and health and the same for your country there.

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